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Here at Soundz, Inc. we feel that customer service is an art form. We know that if you treat customers well and go above and beyond to exceed their expectations, they will come back & tell their friends.


We are not your typical "motorcycle stereo shop". With close to 20 years of experience and numerous awards in mobile electronics, you will not find a better-qualified audio expert to work on your motorcycle.


We have partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry to provide you quality products that will work well with your motorcycle, are easy to use, and ensure many years of optimum performance.


Our trained staff can handle any situation regarding even the newest motorcycles on the road. If you follow us online, you will see that we attend all the major motorcycle rallies in the United States. We hope to see you there!

The Soundz Difference

A focus on a positive customer experience before and after the sale and/or installation is one of our priorities at Soundz. Without our happy and loyal customers we would not be here today. Ask any one of them and they will tell you why they come to us for all of their audio upgrade needs! Our customers become family and see us at every show and stop by the store to say hi and show off that amazing sound that they love! We thank all of our customers for their support and always look forward to seeing them throughout the year!

Our ability to master the amplifier tuning and wire harness needs are two pieces of the puzzle for motorcycle audio. These 2 main factors are important components that put us a step above our competitors.

We do not simply put some random wires, “converters”, and a note of “good luck” in a bag, then throw the boxes of speakers and amps in another box, we actually prepare everything for installation. Our amplifiers are pre-adjusted to a new stock HD radio or can be adjusted to match the aftermarket of your choice with an oscilloscope – no guessing by ear like the stone ages at Soundz! The wire harness is ready to connect and pre-attached to the amp. Any and all crossover settings are pre-done to ensure the best performance on your bike regardless of your audio knowledge!

After years of using multiple brands of product specifically designed for Powersports, we have created our own line of speakers, amplifiers, and wire harnesses that together produce the loudest, cleanest audio that outlasts any of the competition! From the best source of wire to using OEM matching connectors we spare no expense in making our KIT truly the BEST audio upgrade available. All of our wire is Pure OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), Silver Tinned, and highest strand count wire is used from power to speaker wire. So the next time you are looking at just another “AUDIO” kit, make sure to check out what they actually send you or are installing…..We promise to be the best value in sound quality, output, installation, and plug & play capability for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle!

No one has a better high-end audio solution for your motorcycle than Soundz…GUARANTEED!

Had them put in up front with amp in sturgis 4's and 3's for bags Daytona. They had the lids for the new bike and in my color, after install shipped stock lids as promised to my home. Great Job as well service. A week or so after Daytona I needed a gasket for one of the bag speakers, called and no questions they took care of it shipped and with return label. Shortly there after had an issue with a speaker, shipped with return label no questions. I had the opportunity to speak with peter on some tech stuff, he answered my questions as well I learned a lot. He really knows his business which is great. They have a lady that works with them, when you call you will more than likely speak with her. Let me just say, she is an absolute sweet heart and will take care of you no problems. Thank you Soundz, I very much appreciate your dedication to your business and more importantly to the people whom you service and install. Great products, great service, top notch business.

Arthur G.

I had the Level II Audio Upgrade Kit installed on my 2014 Harley Ultra Limited at Myrtle Beach Bike (May, 2016). I had called ahead and spoke with Sue several weeks before trying decide exactly what I wanted to do. The install went and scheduled and was done very professionally. Fast forward to July and I had a problem with my Harley Rushmore radio. When Harley replaced the radio under warranty and I got the bike back the system sounded horrible. I though I had done something to mess the system up and emailed Soundz to ask a few questions. Peter responded to my email and he took the time (over a 3 day period) to answer my questions and trouble shoot the system. The problem turned out to be an issue with the new radio Harley installed, but Peter continued to work with me until the issue was resolved. I can tell you from one man's perspective this company and their customer service is second to none. I would highly recommend them to anyone, and based on my experience you would be more than happy with the product and the service received.

Rod O.

I heard about Peter on CVO Harley forum page. Everyone said spend the money and don't waste your time on anything else. I ordered and installed. His kit is plug and play. Well long story short, I wanted more and I wanted to meet the team. I ended up in Ohio for bike week just for this reason and upgraded to the Stage V and the larger amp and head unit. He even took care of the pre-wire for the lid speakers when I decide to do that. I can't say enough about these guys. Watch out for KDawg. Lol

Douglas A.

The team that attended the TLSR from Sue and Edo (so) to the install team were great outstanding and professional I knew going in I did not want nothing but the best and after reading many reviews I decided to go with the Level V system for my 2015 street glide I am more than satisfied with my decision and if you can I would get nothing less than the level V if not save. You will save from upgrading next year

Steve S.



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